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Some Weekend!

Update 8/10/07: More photos after the jump, including, reluctantly, my HS photo. . .although what you WON’T see is the 5th year of braces on my teeth. Enjoy.

The old stomping grounds

What is it about women and these high school reunions. . .they just don’t seem to change at all. Would you be able to tell what year I graduated looking at these classmates?

Five very popular girls in high school
Patty, Judy, Casey, Kathy, and Annie - no, they haven’t changed a bit.

This past weekend I went back to my old stomping grounds in Minnesota to tell a few classmates I had a lot of fun oh so many years ago. Some of them hadn’t changed at all - which could either be good or not so good, depending on what hadn’t changed - and some were totally different.

It...well, it was a party
Here’s a shot of me with Peggy and Janet

This was back in Minnesota, and there a few people there who didn’t go because they couldn’t or just didn’t want to. I wasn’t sure if I should go, but there were a few classmates that had passed away in the previous ten years. . .and I wanted to make sure these people knew how much I appreciated their friendship. If you’ve been to one of these lately, you probably know that some people don’t change at all, either in appearance or in attitude - which can’t be totally surprising. But, then there are some gems in there, too. The strange part is when the stories start coming out, and you ask yourself “did I really do that?”

Some friends stay with you through the years
With Jack, who ended up being my college roommate over at the U of M. . .and his brother-in-law Joe, married to Jack’s twin sister

A pretty humorous time was had by all, and getting caught up was great. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another 10 years to keep in touch. Of course, I’m not sure what photos they’ll be putting on THEIR blogs, but I have a few more to trot out here just in case.

These three were MAJOR trouble - and still might be
All great people then and now, these three tried to toilet paper my house back in high school

Just like old times, for many
Mr. Norman leading a tour group of the High School

About 25 of us took a tour of the High School, thanks to Mr. Norman (current math teacher). When I went there, most students dabbled in learning Spanish or French, but today there are between 12 and 15 different languages taught and spoken at the school - a real success story for diversity amongst the student population.

When did these desks get so small?
As was typically, the case, not paying attention to the front of the classroom. That’s Brenda sitting behind me, and she was often in that spot when we had classes together.

The classrooms haven’t changed all that much of course. And as was the case back then, some students were anxious to get a jump on a math test now and then!

Jeff O, cheating I think on a pop math quiz we were given
Jeff O., a guy who got my vote for “clearly most changed and unrecognizable” - but just as nice a guy as back then

I thought coming 1500 miles was a long way to go for a class reunion, but I was outdone by this woman, who came from Avize, France - along with her spouse - and although there wasn’t a prize given for coming the longest distance I’m pretty sure she would have “taken the cake.”

5th year of braces not seen in this shot
Matt and Sally - I can’t help but notice she has a lot less of her forehead showing all these years later. . .and I have a lot MORE of my forehead showing all these years later. I’m not sure what that says, but I find it just a bit unsettling.

There were a lot of old friends that either didn’t go or couldn’t go, but in this day and age it isn’t just bad health that keeps people from connecting to their past. . .that’s why I thought it was great to get together with these people. Hope you share the feeling.

At CVG's pre-reunion party
Sharon and Mary, before the big event!

15 Responses to “Some Weekend!”

  1. lynne pyka says:

    Class of 1929?

  2. Judy Veljovich says:

    Looks like lots of fun but where’s Matt’s high school picture??!!! Inquiring minds want to know……………..

  3. Willa Hardrove says:

    Class of *ahem* “Young At Heart”….=)

  4. Janna Mitchell Hassen says:

    Matt good pictures didnt get to talk to you much so many people so little time.

  5. Lauri Von Wald Shannon says:


    Sorry I missed you at the reunion. And sorry I did not catch your forecast before this reunion like I did before the 10th. LOL It’s great to see you are doing so well.

    See ya in another 10

  6. chuck hazama says:

    Hey Matt! Thanx for the pics (Jon Wooner e-mailed me your blog). Looks like the class is still as happy and good-looking as ever!? So, you are in southern Cal - used to live in Rancho Bernardo and PGA West in the 80’s. How are you? i am doing okay - healing from a head injury that impacts movement, memory, and ‘thinking’, so writing/e-mail is a good brain exercise for me. Be fun to catch up after all these years - the neighborhood is still there… aloha & God bless, c

  7. Patty (Gillespie) Grabowski says:

    Matt - you are too funny to post those pics, but I’m thinking you may have a little too much time on your hands to go get our pictures out of the yearbook to match us up!!! Good to see you again to catch up on you and your family, wish we’d had more time. In checking out your other blog entries it looks like you get back to MN quite often. Hope it’s not another ten years before we run into each other again! - Patty

  8. Jack Schmidt says:

    Hey Matt–thanks for posting our pictures……I still look the same 30 years later!

    It was nice seeing you again…hopefully it won’t be another 10 years.


  9. Chris (Daniels) DePagter says:

    What do you mean “tried” to toliet paper your house!
    We just didn’t complete it to the fullest extent…..difficult
    to do with your Dad holding a spotlight as we all dive in
    the bushes. Let’s talk about miniature marshmellows!!

  10. Janet Schmidt Meilander says:

    Matt, The pictures are great, you look awesome. I was so happy you made it to the reunion. Thanks for the scrumptious cake from Daube’s. The next time Joe and I are visiting his relatives in San Diego we’ll give you a call. Take care, Janet

  11. Matt, It was great to see you and things are going well….could you have done a little magic on the weather for the golf sat morning…it was fun putting underwater…see you in SD some day… friends always

  12. On the way to forum Matt, It was great to see you and things are going well ….could you have done a little magic on the weather for the golf sat morning …it was fun putting underwater…see you in SD some day … friends always

  13. Casey (Vonch) Fabry says:

    Heh Matt!
    Cracked-up when I saw you matched up our grad pics with current . Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk with you. My kids were curious if I saw you… they remember the weatherman ‘classroom visit’ and the tour with the ‘Brownie troop’ at the station. Sounds like you are doing great!
    Take Care,

  14. Dave Beaupre says:

    Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the reunion. I was in a scheduling conflict at a 50th wedding anniversary in Michigan on my wife’s side of the family.

    It would have been very rewarding to see people I have not seen in 20 - 30 years. I always wondered what became of you! where life took you; what you did with the talents you developed.

    Perhaps someday our path’s will cross again?

    The pictures were very nice…thank you for posting them…they brought back many memories from a lifetime ago that sometimes seems much less complicated and slower than the pace we have set for ourselves today.

    Take time occassionally to live in the moment Matt…tomorrow will come all too quick…make memories that will always keep a smile on your face.

    Best wishes,
    Dave Beaupre

  15. Jay Toogood says:


    Janet pointed my to your blog…

    Cool Pics!
    I see I got in too. ;-)
    Good to see you back in August..
    I have seen your brother on the news a few times lately here in Roch. And I see your mom at Rotary..

    Be well.


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